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Health & Safety Roles & Responsibilities for governors

Compliance: to ensure all those involved in governance understand the legal frameworks and context in which the organisation operates and all of the requirements with which it must comply


The governing body has a responsibility to ensure that neither pupils nor employees are out at unnecessary risk while at school or on school business. Governors must ensure the BHCC policies on health and safety are being followed. However it is not the governors' role to undertake health and safety inspections themselves, this should be left to the professionals.

This course provides an overview of key legislation, requirements of ‘Team Safety’ (a safety management system) and the council’s standards for managing health & safety, and describes how safety functions can be delegated.


Delegates attending this course will have a clear understanding of their legal responsibilities for health & safety.
The course will assist governors in supporting the safety management arrangements (Team Safety Plan) relevant to their own schools; ensuring legislative compliance and promoting a culture of safe working.
Refresher/update requirements
Every three years.


Question and Challenge
Governors have responsibility for ensuring effective systems are in place within their schools to manage health & safety. This includes ensuring:
Systems are in place to ensure safe methods of working and safe use of work equipment and hazardous materials
Staff have sufficient instruction, information, training and supervision
A safe and healthy place of work is maintained
That there is a written health and safety policy statement and sufficient systems in place to manage health & safety.

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16 Oct 2018 10:00 - 12:00

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16 Oct 2018 10:00 - 12:00


Friends Meeting House (FMHMR / Meeting Room), Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AF


Katie Bennett