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Understanding Data for Primary & Junior School Governors

Governance Development Programme


This session will introduce participants to Analyse School Performance (ASP). ASP gives governors scope to analyse school data in greater depth. Governors can use this knowledge to monitor and challenge school performance outcomes against the school development plan, and local and national data performance trends.

Through ASP, governors have access to exactly the same data that the headteacher, senior leadership team (SLT), Ofsted, the LA, or multi-academy trust have access to. This transparency and consistency in data reporting helps governors to have more autonomy over their own data monitoring and analysis, and makes them less reliant on the headteacher; assisting governors in demonstrating their effectiveness as a governing board. Governors should ensure that the governing board skills set includes someone who can effectively analyse the data that is accessible to governors


The DfE competency framework for governance recommends that EVERYONE on the governing board should have knowledge of:
The DfE performance tables and school comparison tool.
ASP for school and pupil data.
The evidence base that data is derived from, e.g. pupil attainment and progress data, and how it is collected, quality assured and monitored across the organisation.
The context of the school, and in relation to other schools.
Information about attendance and exclusions in the school, local area and nationally.
The importance of triangulating information about pupil progress and attainment with other evidence, including information from executive leaders (e.g. lesson observations, work scrutiny and learning walks), stakeholders, including parents, pupils, staff, and external information (benchmarks, peer reviews, external experts).Governors will look at the data in ASP in order to fully understand the strengths and areas for improvement at their school. Both attainment and progress measures will be covered but the main focus will be on KS2 data.

The competency framework also advises that ALL board members should be able to demonstrate skills and effective behaviours in:
The analysis and interpretation of data, in order to evaluate the performance of groups of pupils.
The analysis and interpretation of progression and destination data to understand where young people are moving on to after leaving the school.
The use of unpublished data to better understand which areas of school performance need improvement, and the identification of any further data that is required.
Questioning leaders on whether they are collecting the right data to inform their assessment, and challenging appropriately when data is not adding value.
Challenging senior leaders to ensure that the collection of assessment data is purposeful, efficient and valid.


This session will look at two key reports from the DfE Analyse School Performance
The Summary report
The new Ofsted Data Summary Report

By the end of the session participants will :
Be familiar with how to access ASP
Understand the tables and charts in ASP
Be able to use the tables and charts to analyse their own school data
Be able to ask challenging questions about their own school data.

Booking Information

Please note that in order to fully engage with this course a a certain level of numeracy required. If you are unsure please contact Nicki O'Neill, Training and Development Officer, School and Governor Development Team email governor.support@brighton-hove.gov.uk or tel 01273 293466

Please let us know if you have any dietary, access or special requirements


All governors (Primary)

04 Dec 2019 18:00 - 21:00

Closing date: 04/12/2019
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Governance Support (SLA)
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Date and Time

04 Dec 2019 18:00 - 21:00


Friends Meeting House (FMHLR / Lecture Room), Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AF


Mr Clive Bolton
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