Occupational Health & Employee Assistance Programme 2019/20

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A specialist Occupational Health Service & Employee Assistance Programme Service (OHS&EAPS) supporting schools to fulfil their statutory requirements with regard to staff welfare. Staff can be referred to Occupational Health (OH) if there is concern that their health is being affected by work, or health problems are affecting attendance or ability to work.

Outline of provision

The provision of this service ensures schools comply with their legal responsibilities in providing a duty of care to their staff.  This specialist provision includes:

Pre-employment health check screening: a ‘fitness grade certificate’ (including recommended reasonable adjustments, where applicable) for successful candidates is sent to the school

An Occupational Health management online portal referral service that enables OH referrals to be submitted & OH reports to be received via a secure internet web based portal

OH medical advice providing a clear, impartial opinion on:

  • Fitness for work: whether the person has a health problem which may affect attendance or performance at work
  • Future attendance: how much absence is likely in the future
  • Future performance: is the person fit to undertake all duties
  • Return to work: the likely time it will take for the person to regain their fitness to return to work
  • Rehabilitation advice: recommendations on how to assist successful return
  • Advice for re-deployment/ retirement if not fit to return to previous work, on medical grounds

A Confidential Employee Assistance Programme service


Who can purchase


The School Occupational Health Service and the Employee Assistance Programme Service are supplied to schools staff employed by Brighton & Hove City Council and to employees of Brighton & Hove City Council’s voluntary aided and maintained schools on a traded basis through the service level agreement.


What is the cost structure?


Charges are based on a single pricing model enabling schools to ensure the services for Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme are budgeted for, and therefore available throughout the year. Charges are derived by determining the total cost of provision divided by the total staff head count, of all participating schools and council services.  Each school is then charged this base rate multiplied by their own individual school staff head count. 

Payment is annual by journal transfer, usually actioned at the beginning of the financial year. Purchases of additional services will be arranged on an individual service basis.


Additional services


The following services are available to purchase, on an additional rate to the core specification headcount rate.

  • Where required, inoculation for blood borne viruses, blood testing and vaccinations
  • Health surveillance – i.e. lung function, audiogram and skin assessment
  • Wellbeing checks – this includes an initial assessment via questionnaire with a face-to-face OH appointment (only where the questionnaire results identify a need for a further assessment)
  • Podiatry Services
  • Optometry Services
  • Audiometry Services
  • Dyslexia / Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia Assessment
  • Workstation Assessment Service/advice
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Group counselling (in the event of a critical/traumatic incident)
  • Critical incident debriefing

The costing for these services will be agreed and costed locally according to volume and customer requirements.




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