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All Educational Psychologists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

The Educational Psychology Service provides statutory functions on behalf of the Local Authority (LA) as outlined in the Children’s and Families Act (2014) and the Code of Practice (DFES, 2014). Statutory duties and support offered to the LA include:

• Providing a contribution to the statutory assessment process to identify a child or young person’s (CYP) special educational needs and the educational support that would best meet those needs
• Monitoring the progress of pupils with Statements and Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs) through the statutory Annual Review process
• Provision of specialist advice and support to a range of professionals including school staff as well as parents and carers, etc on meeting the needs of children/young people with statements and EHCPs
• Support with decision making processes for the LA and support for the SEN and Disability Tribunal process
• Critical incident support to schools
• Support multi-agency working and strategic developments across the LA

The service additionally offers a wide range of additional psychological support:

Individual level:
• Psychological assessment and recommendations for interventions for individual CYP working on a plan, do, review cycle to support progress
• Direct psychological interventions and therapeutic work (e.g. Cognitive Behaviour Techniques, Video Interactive Guidance, Solution Focussed approach, Motivational Interviewing)
• Advice and guidance that focus upon narrowing gaps in attainment and improving academic progress
• Psychological support to families as part of individual CYP interventions
• Multi-agency working with key partners around meeting CYP’s needs

Group and class level:
• Psychological interventions aimed at developing particular skills of small groups of CYP (e.g. social skills, thinking skills)
• Psychological interventions and advice focussing on narrowing gaps in attainment and improving academic progress (e.g. study skills, literacy and numeracy attainment, memory skills and understanding).
• Support to small groups of staff in managing a particular issue (e.g. understanding behaviour, bullying)
• Parent/carer workshops in schools and colleges (e.g. around behaviour issues, autism, anxiety)
• Provide professional supervision and to various school and college staff
• Joint Problem Solving Consultation at individual and school levels

At strategic, systems and organisational levels:
• Psychological support to develop strategies and systems to support the setting in developing their needs (e.g. policy development, advice linked to OFSTED requirements)
• Providing a wide range of continuous professional development and bespoke training for staff and parents on topics with a psychological basis (e.g. Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused approaches to managing behaviour, Understanding Attachment, parent workshops on behaviour issues, etc)
• Provide support for and/or deliver action research and project development work (e.g. nurture, transitions, evaluation on interventions, engagement of parent/carers)



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